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Discover how to create "fail-proof" drum circles in a way that works with your own ability. Quickly get your group making great music together while supporting connection, anxiety relief and self expression. 

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About the Author - Jim Donovan M.Ed. - Award winning educator, author, and multi-platinum recording artist. Since 1999, Jim Donovan has brought his message of service through rhythm to tens of thousands of people at over 2700 learning events throughout the US and abroad. His instructional videos on YouTube have been viewed over 1.6 million times. Jim offers a depth of knowledge about how to work with a wide variety of groups including k-12, university, corporate, health care, athletic teams, Autism and Addiction/Recovery. He is an Assistant Professor and Chairman of Fine Arts at Saint Francis University.


Full Chapter List

1. My First Drum Circle
2. How Did Drum Circle Leadership Come to Life?
3. What is Drum Circle Leadership?
4. The Essentials Of Leading Drum Circles
5. How to Reduce Resistance
6. Rhythm Exercises & Warm Ups
7. What is a Transformational Drum Circle?
8. Questions to Answer Before Leading a Drum Circle
9. Drum Circle Music-Making Techniques
10. Using Rhythm for Stress Relief

11. How Long Should Your Drum Circle Last?
12. Drum Circle Event Check List

13. Drum Circle Program Template

14. Which Instruments Are Best for Drum Circles?

15. Online Training Opportunities & Discount Code 

16. Live Training Events

17. Training for Your Organization

18. 34 Easy Ways To Improve Your Drum Circle

19. Research About Drumming (Peer Reviewed)

20. About the Author

21. The Last Word

Drum Circles are for everyone. The Drum Circle Leadership system is based on the idea that if there is desire to try, then there is a way to help. Musical training is not required. If you do have musical training, you will be delighted about how you will be able to use your existing skills a new ways.



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